Philippians – with Marc Rader

Marc Rader

Coffee with the King welcomes guest writer Marc Rader, who will take us through the book of Philippians. Marc lectures at Morling College and is on the pastoral team of Gymea Baptist Church, in Sydney’s south.

For the next few weeks we’re going to be looking at Paul’s letter to the Philippians but in a way that’s going to require a bit of imagination on your part. In what follows two people reflect on the letter: Paul and Clement (an imaginary member of the Philippians church). I have tried to capture what Paul may have been trying to accomplish with this letter as well as how it may have been received.

The text is a dialogue between Paul (in blue) and Clement, and I’ve included the identity of the speaker along the way. At key points I’ve included references to Philippians to read. You might want to read them in a different translation than you normally use – I based some of these on The Message – in order to “hear” it a bit differently than you might otherwise.

This is an edited version of a performance of the epistle originally written for Blackstump 2012 and performed with Gillian Davis.

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