Psalm putty: Psalm 72 (part one)

If you’ve been reading Coffee with the King for a while, you’ll know that I use “psalm putty” to fill in the gaps between when one series ends, and the start of a new week. For the next three days, Psalm 72 will be filling in not only this logistical gap, but the historical and theological gap of more than 1000 years we’re about to leap: the gap between the book of Ruth which we just finished, and the Christmas story in Matthew’s gospel, which we begin on Monday.

In one of the earlier orderings of the books of the Hebrew Bible, Ruth comes just before Psalms – perhaps to highlight how the story of Ruth is the story of God’s hand in David (the primary psalm-writer) becoming Israel’s king. And the Psalms – particularly those that are about Israel’s king – have a strange habit of pointing to the coming Messiah. So for the next three days we’re going to look at one of those kingship psalms – Psalm 72 (the last of the psalms associated with David).

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