James 1:19-27

This week we’re looking at the letter of James, which is all about the temptation to be double-minded: trying to be friends with God and friends with the world. (See Monday’s post if you missed the intro to the series, as it’s foundational for all of the others.) Today we look at James 1:19-27.

This passage is a bit like the first minute of a “World’s Craziest Grainy Security-Camera Footage” type of TV show. Where they flick through all of the coolest bits (explosions, crashes, and armed robberies) to get you to watch the rest of the show. And over the next hour you realise they didn’t have much more worthwhile footage than the bits you saw in the first minute.

James 1:19-27 is a bit like that, as we get a quick preview of the upcoming highlights – snapshots to whet your appetite. But don’t worry, James has got far more substance to the rest of his epistle. Let’s begin:

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