Matt 26:1-16

For the next two weeks (leading up to Easter) we’re going to be reading through the “Passion Narrative” in Matthew’s Gospel (chapters 26-27). It will be a little different in structure from other series as I want to give the Gospel text more space to speak. Rather than a packaged “devotional reading” it will be more like a running commentary on the story as we go. Why? Firstly, it’s an important story and I don’t want to get in its way too much. And also because there isn’t a lot of direct, “what’s in it for me?” application in each episode. Rather, it’s the story of how Jesus suffered in our place, and then rose again to conquer death. So the big picture won’t need a lot of explanation every day! Use these two weeks to remind yourself again of the central story of our faith, and what it cost God to redeem us.

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