A man born blind — John 9 (part five)

This week we’re looking at the story of the man who was born blind, found in John 9. Specifically, we’re looking at the three responses made to Jesus in this story. You might want to start with Monday’s post to catch up, or quickly read the first 15 verses of John 9. So far, we’ve seen that some people (like the Jewish leaders) are prejudiced against Jesus from the beginning. Others are initially interested, but competing concerns – such as the approval of others – end up winning out (just like the blind man’s parents.) Today, we encounter another kind of response: that of the man himself.

Some will pursue their initial interest, and come to saving faith

And his response is quite different. It’s the exact opposite, in fact, of the lame man we read about last week in John 5. Although it starts similarly enough. Both are healed by Jesus (both on a sabbath), and both initially have no idea of the identity of the one who healed them. Have a look at how the recently-not-blind man reacts first:

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