Revelation 8 – Part One

Continuing our series in Revelation 4-11, we’ve come to chapter 8. The story so far: God is in control of his world (Rev 4) , and has already dealt with injustice once-and-for-all through the sacrifice of the slain-yet-risen Lamb (Rev 5). One day, God will judge those who continue to rebel against him and oppose his people. But until then, he’s pouring out a measure of his judgement on his rebellious world in hope that they will realise what eternity without him will be like, and repent (Rev 6). His people will get caught in the crossfire, yet they’ll be sealed with God’s protection, and have the hope of a glorious future to sustain them (Rev 7).

In chapters 8 and 9, the judgement scenes continue. But first, there’s a brief interlude:

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