Why Tithe? – Part One (Deut 26)

In Australia, the year began today.

If you’re from the Northern Hemisphere, you’ll think this is weird – 2016 has been underway for quite some time. But for us, December 25 ushers in the start of our long summer holidays. And January 26, the Australia Day public holiday, marks its end. School goes back this week, horrendous traffic returns to our roads, as we jump back on the treadmill of life.

So, too, Coffee with the King throws out the reheated summer dregs, and puts on a fresh, new pot. And what better way to start the year proper than to talk about money. About tithing. About how it is we’re going to use our financial resources this coming year in light of what God has to say on the matter. Over the next three days, we’ll be asking the question: why tithe? And we’ll be looking for the answers in Deuteronomy chapter 26.

You’ll need to read Deuteronomy 26 first, and then continue on below.

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