John 1:1-13 (And the Word was God)

Yesterday, we looked at the term “word” (logos) to see how John was presenting Jesus as the personification of wisdom and reason – the embodiment of everything that both Jews and Greeks were looking for. The eternal creative force turned up as a real person to live among us. But Jesus isn’t just the creative “force” behind… Continue reading John 1:1-13 (And the Word was God)

John 1 – Introducing Jesus (part two)

Yesterday, we thought about how the prologue to John’s Gospel (1:1-18) functioned like an ancient letter of introduction. We concluded by reading the prologue, trying to identify the three key features of a letter of introduction: The name, character, and the writer’s close relationship with the one being introduced. The impending arrival of the one being… Continue reading John 1 – Introducing Jesus (part two)

Daniel 5 – Part Two (Fresh pants, please)

Yesterday, we saw how King Belshazzar gave a banquet, probably as a rallying-cry to war, with the Persians approaching the gates of the city. During the banquet, he deliberately brought out the gold and silver cups stolen from the temple in Jerusalem by one of his predecessors, Nebuchadnezzar, as a way of reminding the faithful… Continue reading Daniel 5 – Part Two (Fresh pants, please)