Catching the Wave

catchingthewaveNo new Coffee with the King devotional today, but still some reading for you – with an extract from my new book (see below). It was released this month by Inter-Varsity Press (UK), entitled Catching the Wave: Preaching the New Testament as Rhetoric. So expect to see plenty of shameless self-promotion over the next few months, since Christian publishers these days rely on authors to do a lot of the marketing!

Who’s the book for?

The primary audience is pastors and regular preachers who want to learn how to harness the power of the biblical text in their preaching. A great Christmas gift idea for your pastor!

However, non-preachers might also find it helpful as an  introduction to the ancient rhetorical principles and techniques used by the New Testament writers – and how it helps us understand and more faithfully apply NT epistles.

Although the content is still a bit nerdy, it’s written in a conversational tone and relatively free of the pretentious footnotes that were essential for the academic version published in 2014. This one’s for normal people (sample extract below.)

At the moment, the best place to buy it (for price and delivery time) seems to be the Book Depository online. I have limited stock myself, with more coming in a couple of weeks.

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