Ezekiel 34: A new leader (part five)

This is week two of a series in Ezekiel 33-37, about God’s promised reboot of his people. If you’ve just joined, you can either go to the start of the series, or simply begin the new chapter with us starting from Monday’s post.

We finish chapter 34 this week by asking the question raised by Ezekiel’s description of “the coming Era of Good Shepherding” (34:17-31), the just reign of God ushered in by the Good Shepherd. What does that just reign of God look like? I suppose it should be obvious, but sometimes the obvious needs to be said, so I will.

If we, the church, are God’s new people; if we have Jesus as our new leader, the new face of our rebooted movie franchise, our new shepherd; and if Jesus’ shepherding is characterised by justice and fairness—shouldn’t the church be the place where justice can be found; where everyone has enough; where the weak are nourished and the sick have their wounds bound; where the strong get out of the way so the weak can drink from clear water and eat from fresh pasture?

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