Overcoming the Beast – Part Four (Rev 14-15)

Last week, we looked at the mark of the beast – going along with the rest of the empire in worshipping the emperor as a god, in place of the one true God. And we saw how we, too, often go along with our world and its idolatry. This week, we’re looking at how Revelation encourages its readers not to go along with the world, by appealing to the four cardinal virtues of advantage, justice, courage, and self-control – how Revelation helps us to resist the mark of the beast.

The victors

We arrive today at chapter 15, which jumps again to a vision of those who overcome and resist the mark of the beast. (Those who didn’t were a big, bloody mess at the end of chapter 14, if you recall.) Here, John’s vision paints their situation like that of Israel as slaves in Egypt. In fact, he describes their future deliverance – their final salvation – using exodus terminology. It will be a new, and greater exodus!

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