Morling College

Since 2008 I’ve been on the faculty of Morling College, the Baptist Theological College of NSW & ACT, located in Sydney, Australia. If you’re interested in theological study, let me briefly introduce the college.

You can look at our official statement of beliefs here, but what it boils down to is that we’re  an evangelical college, strongly committed to the core beliefs of the gospel, while accommodating a diversity of views on “disputable matters.”

We’re located in Macquarie Park, right next door to Macquarie University, in an area of Sydney rapidly becoming an IT hub. Some of our students live on campus, but we have many who commute to the college on lecture days, and a few hundred students studying by distance across Australia and other parts of the world. Most courses can be completed part-time in the evenings, as well as full-time during the day.

As well as training men and women for ministry in Baptist churches – the main reason we were founded – we also equip people for local and overseas mission, and to be effective lay people in their churches and informed believers in the secular workforce. Around half our students identify as “Baptists,” but we have students from a range of denominations.

In addition to courses in theology, we also have programmes in Counselling, Chaplaincy, and Spiritual Care, as well as an Education faculty. Visit the college website for all the details.

I should put here the disclaimer that the bible study notes on this site are my own, and are not necessarily the views or theological positions of Morling College. But where the college does have an official position, I would hope that the notes are consistent with it!

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