I have a new book out, published by Cascade. You can read all about it here.

I’m also bookcasting it. What’s that? It’s halfway between an audio book and a lecture. It’s where I present the content of the book in podcast form (see below), for those who prefer listening to reading. The first four episodes are available for free. You can access the remaining nine episodes if you buy the book (so my publisher, who owns the copyright, gets paid).

How do you buy the book? There are three ways:

  1. Order a hardcopy online directly from Cascade, or from Amazon.
  2. Buy the ebook directly from Cascade, or on Kindle.
  3. Buy the hardcopy from Morling College book store for $25 (AUD) plus postage.
  4. Buy the hardcopy from me if you think we’re going to cross paths in real life soon, for $25.

To get access to the paywalled bookcast episodes, just email me a copy of the receipt, or a photo of your smiling face holding the book, and I’ll give you access.

Bookcast episodes are below: