Out of coffee…

The Australia Day long weekend usually marks the time Coffee with the King emerges from its summer slumber. During that slumber, however, it became increasingly clear to me that I couldn’t keep up with the schedule for at least the coming six months. An increase in other work commitments – and a nearly dry pool of previous material I can use with minimal reworking – means I’ll have to put this project on hold for a while, unfortunately.

The archive will, of course, remain here. And every so often, I’ll post things – including (hopefully) a short video teaching series being recorded in March. If you’d like to be notified when this happens, simply subscribe to the blog and you’ll be emailed automatically.

Thanks for your support over the past two-and-a-half years, and I hope to return to the project in the future.


Catching the Wave

catchingthewaveNo new Coffee with the King devotional today, but still some reading for you – with an extract from my new book (see below). It was released this month by Inter-Varsity Press (UK), entitled Catching the Wave: Preaching the New Testament as Rhetoric. So expect to see plenty of shameless self-promotion over the next few months, since Christian publishers these days rely on authors to do a lot of the marketing!

Who’s the book for?

The primary audience is pastors and regular preachers who want to learn how to harness the power of the biblical text in their preaching. A great Christmas gift idea for your pastor!

However, non-preachers might also find it helpful as an  introduction to the ancient rhetorical principles and techniques used by the New Testament writers – and how it helps us understand and more faithfully apply NT epistles.

Although the content is still a bit nerdy, it’s written in a conversational tone and relatively free of the pretentious footnotes that were essential for the academic version published in 2014. This one’s for normal people (sample extract below.)

At the moment, the best place to buy it (for price and delivery time) seems to be the Book Depository online. I have limited stock myself, with more coming in a couple of weeks.

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Coffee Break

Coffee with the King is taking a break for the (NSW) school holidays over the next two weeks. Here’s a few past series you may have missed, that you can work through during the break. We’ll return with Daniel chapters 5 & 6 on July 18.

1 Corinthians 1-4


Hebrews 10-12


A quick breather…

No post today, as we’ve finished our series in Revelation and we’ll begin in the Old Testament book of Amos on Monday. So there’s time for a quick breather, to catch up on any readings you’ve missed or to read through the early chapters of Amos to prepare for next week.

Brand new Starbucks opening here

Coffee with the King is on holidays for two weeks, heading over to the land of theme parks, extra large fries, and insipid coffee. So what are you going to do while I’m gone?

My guess is that you haven’t read every single post on this site. (If you have, then you deserve a medal or something. Let me know, and I’ll bring you back an Americano with wings on a leash, if they let it through customs.) So you might want to work through one of the previous series.

I’ve tried to make it a little easier to access past series. As well as the bible book index, I’ve recently added a chapter index.  (It’s to the right, if you’re using a computer; all the way down the bottom of the main section, if you’re on a mobile device.) It helps you jump straight to a particular chapter of the Bible rather than getting every post in that book. (They still open in reverse chronological order, but there’s not much I can do about that unless I want to transfer the website to a different platform.)

Anyway, meet you in Luke chapter 7 when I get back: Monday, October 5.

App update

From later this week, the Coffee with the King app will no longer be available from the App Store / Google Play. As far as I understand, if you’ve already got it, you can still use it. But you’ll lose it when you get a new phone/tablet or upgrade your phone’s operating system.

Given the recent fall in the Aussie dollar and the end of the first-year sweetheart deal from my provider, the annual cost was approaching 1000 AUD, so it simply wasn’t viable. Sorry to the 30 people who voted saying they wanted it to continue, but a 100% price rise wasn’t expected!

But you can make your own “bookmark” app – just by making a direct link to today’s reading on your phone/tablet’s home screen:

iPhone/iPad instructions (or see the generic how-to video here)

  1. Open the Safari web browser and go to
     . 6Yn8V
  2. Press the share button at the bottom of the screen (pictured, right).
  3. Select “Add to Home Screen”. This will create an icon on your home screen that will take you to today’s Coffee with the King. With one fewer press than the app.

Android instructions

You probably already know, because you’re an Android user. But just for the sake of completeness, and to spare the feelings of iOS users:

  1. Open your web browser and go to www.coffeewiththeking.org .
  2. Native Android browser, press “more” (top right). If you’re using Chrome, press the three dots at top right.
  3. Select “Add shortcut on home screen” (native) or “Add to home screen” (Chrome). This will create an icon on your home screen that will take you to today’s Coffee with the King. With one fewer press than the app.

Coffee break

Coffee with the King is going on a short mid-winter coffee break. It will return on Monday July 13 with a series in Acts.

In the meantime, there are plenty of archives to keep you company – you can search by Bible book under “Previous Series” to the right (or at the bottom if you’re reading on a mobile browser). Or you could read one of the books suggested below, available in hardcopy or instantly as ebooks:

Tom Wright, Simply Good News – is your view of the Gospel too narrow? ($14.68 on Kindle)

Scot McKnight, The Blue Parakeet – how do we interpret the Bible for today? ($3.86 on Kindle)

New Testament Commentary Series

A totally un-sponsored advertisement:

For the next few days, Olive Tree is offering a complete NT commentary series for US$40 (normally US$100) for iOS/Android.

Disclaimer: I don’t own it myself, but I do know the reputations of the scholars who have contributed to each volume, and I’ve flipped through some of the sample pages on Amazon for the hardcopy equivalents (e.g. Reading Matthew, David Garland).

It looks ideal for someone who wants more depth than a single-volume whole-bible commentary, but doesn’t want to pay $50-100 per bible book for the big scholarly tomes. The offer is until Dec 8.