Balaam’s Ass – part two

Today is part two of our look at the story of Balaam’s ass – read yesterday’s post first, as we’re drawing lessons from the three stories today.

Explaining the satire

As I said yesterday, these three stories interpret each other. The comedic interlude of the talking donkey – it’s there to explain the next scene. It’s a satire – to provide commentary in advance on what’s about to take place between Balak and Balaam. Have a look at the parallels between the two stories:

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Balaam’s Ass – part one

Before we begin a new series next week, we’ll spend the next two days looking at the (rather comical) story of Balaam’s ass in Numbers 22-24. It deals with some of the issues about God’s sovereignty raised in yesterday’s discussion of James 5.

This began life – as many of these posts have – as a sermon. But it wan’t a passage I chose to speak on – it was chosen for me by my (mischievous) congregation when I foolishly asked them to vote on which Old Testament stories they wanted preached over our summer break. I suspect that this story got voted for simply to see how many times I could use the word ‘ass’ in an amusing fashion. I don’t think I disappointed on that score. Yet in the process, I trust people learned a bit about God’s sovereignty through this bizarre story.

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