Psalm 96

We finished our series through 1 Samuel 8-17 yesterday. Next week we’ll start something new. For today, a very brief meditation on Psalm 96, which connects in some way with the message of the David and Goliath story. It’s all about proclaiming God’s name – God’s honour and reputation – to the world, in light of what he has done for us.

Read Psalm 96 now.

Sometimes I find it helpful to “update” psalms as a way of praying them myself. Not in terms of the imagery, but in terms of what has happened since then in salvation history – you know, Jesus, Easter, the Holy Spirit and all that…

Here’s a New Testament mediation on Psalm 96. Use it to spark your own prayers:

Let all the earth sing to God a new kind of song, because in Jesus he has done something new amongst us.
Sing to God, praise the very essence of his being; tell the world each day what he has done for us.
Tell all the nations of his indescribable glory, and go to all the people groups of the world to announce the saving act of the cross.
For God is great, and deserves our praise; any other god or idol or cause or life-goal is nothing compared to the one who made the galaxies.
And this same greatness is demonstrated to the world through the likes of us, in whom he chooses to dwell.
Give God his due: offer your whole self in response to his glory.
Commit yourself to tell the nations of God’s just and fair rule, which cannot be changed.
Let all the heavenly creatures rejoice, along with all of creation, because God is coming to judge his world.

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