Exegetical Extras: misused bible verses

An excellent article on bible verses being used out of context:

5 Bible verses you need to stop misusing


(I don’t necessarily agree with his alternate translation of Rom 8:28, but the point is still correct about its context.)

4 thoughts on “Exegetical Extras: misused bible verses

  1. Hi Tim, good to have you back from holidays, and I’m enjoying James.

    What would be your take on Romans 8:28?

    Thanks, Jan

    1. I think the traditional “all things” is most natural – the writer seems to be taking “panta” in Gk as an adverb (?) At any rate, I agree with his conclusion because the context tells us that “all” is not each-and-every-thing that happens to us, but “the all” of what God is doing in saving and regenerating the entire world. The whole sweep of history is being worked for our good.

  2. Agreed!

    …Including an agreement that Romans 8:28 may not be what even Wright says it means (I’ve read Wright’s thoughts on it).

    My suggestion is that Romans 8:28 is actually saying, along with the next two verses, that “Those who love” God is not restricted to those “whom he foreknew” (a reference to Israel), but also refers to Gentiles, whom he “also” has called. In other words, I see it as part of Paul’s overall theme of Jew/Gentile theology.

    Exegetical notes on that: http://wp.me/p2qCI2-Y3

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