Do you use the Coffee with the King app?

Please help me decide whether to keep the mobile app alive by voting in the poll below.

Be assured the website isn’t going anywhere, but I’m interested to see how many people use the app regularly as it’s coming up for its annual subscription renewal…

6 thoughts on “Do you use the Coffee with the King app?

  1. Like Pedr, I just go from the emails too. I did install the app, but haven’t used it for ages.

  2. I love the ap and use it more than the website. How costly is it? Happy to contribute.

    1. It’s around 400 a year, which is why I’m checking out demand. I’ll keep you all posted on the results. Either way, if you already have the app installed it will keep working, until you get a new device or upgrade operating system significantly.

  3. Hi Tim, I am fairly tech savvy, so will find my way to it. Perhaps crowd funding? Blessings, Kath ☕️

    1. Love your app and feel privileged to be able to access your quality teaching. Wanted to keep accessing it daily but was feeling overuse of my phone and exposure to Electric Magnetic Frequencies. I am getting one of those harmoniser stickers you can put on your phone to apparently reduce exposure and will then access your website regularly. Thanks Tim.

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