A Very Coffee Christmas

Coffee with the King is taking an early Christmas break. (According to the website stats, many of you have been, too!) A trip to a conference in the USA, followed by a quick bout of man ‘flu, made it a little harder to keep up with the writing schedule than I’d anticipated.

We’ll return after the new year with some reposts through Matthew’s Gospel during the summer, as I have a manuscript to finalise for a new book coming out next year. Brand new Coffee with the King will return Wednesday January 27 (just after Australia Day).

Wishing you and yours all the best for Christmas as you persist in swimming against the cultural current in order to make it all about Jesus.

3 thoughts on “A Very Coffee Christmas

  1. Boo about the man flu! Hope you and yours have the best Christmas and safe New Year! you may not know but you are probably read more widely than you know!

    Thanks for all your encouragement.

  2. Hi Tim, I just want to wish you and your family a very blessed (and slightly belated) happy Christmas. I am so thankful for Coffee with the King … I have for many years struggled to be consistent with my daily bible reading … But C with the K has changed that totally. I appreciate your insights, humour, very readable style of writing, but most of all your faithfulness to the truth of the Word. Enjoy your break and see you next year

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