Catch-up Friday

Regular readers will remember catch-up Friday from February. It’s a day with no new content, giving you a chance to catch up on days you might have missed. And for those who are up-to-date, a related passage of Scripture to read.

I’m bringing it back for two reasons: (1) because the website stats suggest that most people aren’t seeing every post; and, more pressingly (2) because my workload this semester has significantly increased.*

So today, as we prepare to contemplate on Monday one of the greatest statements of the Bible (spoiler alert: the Word became flesh and dwelt among us), if you’re up-to-date, read the following passage from Exodus, which gives us some of the background.

Exodus 33:7-23 (The tent of meeting, and the glory of God.)

Exodus 40 (The glory of God in the tabernacle)

* For those who care, the increased workload is from some good things happening at Morling College: larger-than-expected numbers of people wanting to study preaching this semester (there goes my marking load…), making improvements to how our online subjects are taught, and preparing to make a new subject, Principles of Hermeneutics, available online next year. Interested in theological study next year? Visit

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