Jesus says farewell – Part Thirteen (John 16)

We’re continuing in our series through Jesus’ farewell speech in John 14-17. 

Two weeks ago (in John chapter 14) we encountered the first significant block of teaching Jesus gives on the Holy Spirit – the advocate whom he would send in his place once he had gone. The fact that Jesus described him as “another paraclete” told us that the Spirit’s role would be very similar to that of the first paraclete – Jesus. He would be the presence of Jesus who would be with us (a companion alongside) and in us (an indwelling power), equipping us for the task to which we have been sent.

This week, we arrive at John chapter 16, in which the nature and role of the Spirit is taken up again.

And we’re going to start a little differently; today, you’re going to do the work. (I’ll tidy up tomorrow.) Read through the following two passages from Jesus’ farewell speech, and make a list of what we learn about the Spirit: who he is and what he does.

John 14:15-26

John 15:26-16:15

Remember to note down the verse reference for each item in your list. We’ll consolidate it tomorrow, and talk through some of the implications.

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