Preaching the NT as Rhetoric

A quick commercial break:

My book on preaching has just been published by Wipf & Stock, and is available on Amazon for around $30. It’s the first in a new series of publications by the Australian College of Theology.

Update January 2015: It’s now available for $12 as an ebook.

Warning: this is a nerd book, arguing for the use of rhetorical critical methods in preaching the New Testament. I’m promoting it here mainly for those who are in the field of preacher training, or who have influence over the library purchases of theological colleges.

Over the next year I’m writing a more general guide for preachers and keen bible readers, minus the pretentious footnotes referencing Aristotle, and with a lot more practical examples. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes. (Two chapters written so far!)

An overview of what it’s about can be found here.

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